Travel Information


Our goal is to take you fly fishing in places you have only dreamed about - until now. We have a travel incentive program not offered anywhere else to help make it happen and that policy is as follows:

If you book a trip through WILSON'S you pay the same price as you would booking direct with a lodge but fly shops are typically paid a commission for making bookings on behalf of customers and we give you back the commission we receive in the form of a gift certificate worth 10% of the trip to spend with us. There are no catches other than we have to be the party to initiate contact with your destination of choice. Please send us the details on your desired destination with your preferred dates and we will contact and book the lodge on your behalf. It is as simple as that! In the occasional circumstance that a lodge does not have a referral policy we will inform you and our incentive program will of course not apply.

Hosted Trips

We organize trips to destinations and we invite you to join us. Watch for details in our Newsletters and on our calendar.

Booking Policies

Booking policies vary with each destination so contact us with any questions you may have.


The 10% travel rebate we offer comes out of the deposit you pay directly to the lodge. Accordingly, when you book through WILSON'S the only difference from booking direct with the lodge is that your deposit becomes non-refundable. If you have any questions about deposits please contact the lodge or us for details.

Lodge Recommendations

If you have any suggestions on lodges please send us an email! We are always looking for great spots to go fly fishing!

NOTE: If you would like to book a trip not currently listed with us please be aware that WILSON'S must be the party to initiate contact with the lodge. If the lodge declines our invitation you can still book directly but if they accept our invitation to join you will get the 10% trip value credit to spend with us.