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The Midfjardara is in the north west coast of Iceland approximately 200 km from Reykjavik.

The Fishing

The Midfjardara river is a unique river in Iceland as there are over 220 named and many unnamed pools but it permits only 6-10 rods depending on the time of season. What it comes down to is this: anglers have an incredible amount of water to themselves. The river is divided into 3 to 5 beats depending on the number of rods in each party. The season starts June 20th with 6 rods until the 3rd of July at which the number of rods increases to 8 until August 9th and then a total of 10 rods are open the rest of the season. The average catch per year is around 1350 salmon. That said there were 1730 salmon landed in 2008 and over 2000 in 2009 and in 2010!


The lodge on the Midfjardara is one of the oldest salmon fishing lodges in Iceland. There are 10 double rooms, each with comfortable single beds and private bathrooms with showers, a sauna inside the lodge and a hot tub on the porch. Breakfast, lunch and supper are served in the main dining room and a well-stocked bar is also available.

Typical Day

Your day starts with breakfast at 7 am and guides are waiting at the front door with vehicles to transport you to your beats. The river most often is crystal clear and usually fished with relatively light tackle, floating lines and very small flies (12 - 18). Hitch tubes are very effective on this river and your guides will ensure that you are placed over fish on almost every cast.


Rates to be determined.


* 20% non-refundable deposits are required upon booking with the balance due upon arrival

* Taxes, gratuities & bar extra

* Cheques should be made out and mailed directly to Midfjardara Lodge noting WILSON'S

* As with any trip, travel insurance is recommended

Directions & Contact Information

Guests must arrange their own flights to Iceland and catch the airport shuttle to your hotel in Reykjavik (a surprisingly long ride!). An extra day to explore Iceland's capital is worth the time if you have it and lodge staff pick up anglers first thing the following morning for the 2 hour and 15 minute drive to the lodge. Guests are dropped back in Reykjavik in time to catch flights out or for another overnight stay to enjoy the night life.

Mr. Rafn Alfredsson
Midfjardara Lodge
FHD ehf, Gvendargeisli 62, 113
Reykjavik, Iceland

+354 824 6460 (Rabbi)

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