On-Stream Instruction

If you have taken a beginner course and learned the basics of fly fishing, the next step in your education is to get onto a river and learn how to apply what you learned. Our On-Stream courses take place in controlled settings on local streams and rivers where we teach you what you need to know in order to increase your chances of catching fish.

Our Objective

We have a straightforward objective in this program and it is to ramp up your skills to the next level. You’re comfortable with the basics, now we want to help you learn new methods and approaches to improve your success.

The Program

If you learn the basics you will catch fish - and this course will help you get there! Once you get comfortable with your casting and line control you should get some coaching on how to survey a river, where fish will lay in a stream, presenting a fly on moving water, how to drift a fly, and how to properly mend a fly line. Our friendly and knowledgeable instructors teach you how to properly fly fish a river and because this course is confined to a maximum of 2 students you get the attention you need.


Our On-Stream Instruction courses are typically held any time in half-day sessions throughout the year. To give students the best opportunity to catch fish we sometimes vary the starting time of courses so you should confirm your start time and location when you register.


Choose your spot! On-stream courses are held on the Grand River in Fergus but we can arrange just about any location that is convenient for you.


$150/person + HST

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How to Book

Call or email WILSON’S to secure your booking or alternatively, book now through our website.

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