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Grand River (Upper) Fly Fishing Map and River Conditions

The Grand River might be the crown jewel in southern Ontario. Draining approximately 6500 km2 and traveling 280 km from its source in the highlands of Dufferin County, the Grand is home to 72 known species of fish. For the sportsman it has everything. Above Belwood Lake the river is mainly a warm water system with a healthy smallmouth bass population.

However for the trout angler, it is downstream of Belwood Lake that has given the Grand her reputation. Due to a retrofit on the Shand Dam, a tailwater was created providing excellent trout habitat. Subsequent stocking has made for one of the best brown trout fisheries in the east. The perfect combination of heavy mayfly and caddis hatches and large, healthy browns makes it a true, blue ribbon river.

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River Conditions


June 16, 2017, 2:47 pm


4.188 cms


legend icon - section 1Upper: Clear

legend icon - section 2Middle: Clear

legend icon - section 3Lower: Clear


legend icon - section 1Upper: 14°C or 58°F

legend icon - section 2Middle: 17°C or 63°F

legend icon - section 3Lower: 19°C or 67°F


legend icon - section 1Upper: Caddis, Cranefly

legend icon - section 2Middle: Caddis, Cranefly, Grey Fox

legend icon - section 3Lower: Caddis, Cranefly, Grey Fox, Cahill


legend icon - section 1Upper: Shand Dam to Tower Street

legend icon - section 2Middle: Tower St.to the top of the Elora Gorge

legend icon - section 3Lower: Elora Gorge to Weisenburg Line


How does the river look today?

Grand River (Upper) Fly Fishing

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Warning! River levels and flows can change rapidly. Always be vigilant when you're on the water.