Fly Tying Classes

Our fly tying program is a fun & easy way to introduce yourself to the art of fly tying. We make sure you understand every step so you can join the ranks of those fly fishers who catch fish on flies they tied themselves! Beginner courses are 3 hours long and run on Saturday mornings from October through April.


Our fly tying instructors arguably include some of the best tiers in Ontario if not in all of Canada. Sheldon Seale holds court in our Toronto store and John Hoffman can be found most Saturdays teaching in our Fergus shop through the winter months. In addition we have a slate of guest tying instructors for intermediate, advanced and specialty courses.

The Program

New fly tiers should always take at least one 3 hour beginner course because those that do not learn the proper basics quickly get frustrated. Our Beginner Course focuses on local patterns that every local fly fisher will use. Once comfortable with the basic tying techniques, you will need to learn the “tricks of the trade” to improve your tying. The best way to do this is to book one on one individual instruction to tie local dry fly, wet fly, terrestrial and streamer patterns. We also have intermediate, advanced & specialty fly tying courses posted on our calendar – check our website or call our store for details.

Beginner Courses

$50 per person + tax - 3 hours

This course is a Beginners program for those who want to learn all of the basics necessary to get you tying your own flies. Beginner courses are offered on Saturday mornings from 9:30 until 12:30 pm

Individual Instruction:

$40 + tax - 1 hour

Instructors are available in-store at your convenience for personal instruction. Beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons are available. If you want to learn how to tie specific patterns this is the way to learn.

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How to Book

Call or email WILSON’S to secure your booking or alternatively, book now through our website.

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