Casting Lessons

If you need a quick tune up or have a specific aspect of your cast that you want to improve, this is the best way to do it. This course is also an opportunity for intermediate and advanced anglers to get impartial advice on what aspects of your cast you might want to address.

The Program

The content of each lesson is determined by the student and instructor because we tailor each session to suit each student and we work with you to improve any aspect of your casting technique.

Specialty Casting Lessons

  • Single-Hand Cast
  • Double-Hand Cast
  • Single & Double Haul
  • Spey Cast
  • Reach Cast
  • Roll Cast
  • Steeple Cast
  • Switch Cast
  • Circle “C” Cast
  • Snap “T” Cast


Choose your spot! Casting lessons are held in any location that is mutually convenient for the student and our instructors.


Casting lessons are offered throughout the year at times that are mutually convenient for the student & instructor. If you are heading on a trip in the dead of winter we have access to indoor venues where you can practice casting a line in comfort.


$60/hour + HST

*Note: Instructor minimum hourly rates and travel costs may apply

How to Book

Call or email WILSON’S to secure your booking or alternatively, book now through our website.

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