Beginner Fly Fishing School

It’s Time! This is your year to learn how to fly fish. If you have always wanted to try but never done it, this is the easiest way to learn! Reward yourself & book your class at the Toronto Fly Fishing School.

Our Objective

As much as we would like to, we can't teach you everything about fly fishing in a day. This program is meant to introduce you to what can become a life-long passion. Our objective is to get you started in an environment where the emphasis is on the basics.

The Program

Some instructors like to teach on fast-flowing rivers but this intimidates new students because learning to fly fish is similar to learning how to drive a car - you need to master the basics in a comfortable setting before heading out on a highway. Our schools teach you all of the basics you need to know and our friendly instructors teach you in comfortable locations that make learning easy and fun.

Typical Day

Each course begins with a classroom session where you receive an overview of the gear and a brief history of fly fishing. You are then taught the basic knots you need to know and learn how to properly grip the rod and other valuable basics that are too often overlooked before heading out for a ‘dry land’ casting session. Students are finally taken to practice wet casting where you learn how to properly present the fly and other important skills before spending the balance of the day fly fishing as your instructor gives you tips on how to improve your technique.


Our Beginner Fly Fishing Schools are held any day of the week upon request from early May through September.


Our course locations vary based on demand.


$150 for 1 student / $225 for 2 students.

Maximum of 2 students per course unless otherwise requested.

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Next Steps

Once you are comfortable with the basics, you may want to move on to more advanced training as is offered in our On-Stream Instruction program. There you will apply what you've learned on still water to moving water, add to your skill set and improve your chances of success...

How to Book

Call or email WILSON’S to secure your Beginner's Fly Fishing School booking or alternatively, book now through our website.

Please note that 50% deposits for all attendees must accompany your booking. If a request to reschedule dates is received from a student with less than 7 day's notice deposits are transferable to another date but non-refundable. In the event a client does not show up for a school deposits are forfeited. Because of weather and river conditions WILSON'S reserves the right to change scheduled school dates at its sole discretion.

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